In September 2017 we traveled from Moscow to Perm, the most Eastern city of Europe. It as a very comfortable boat trip on the rivers Wolga and Kama, all together 1100 kilometers to the East.

Traveling in a group with organised excursions has its advantages, but the downside is that you miss a lot of the 'real' country. We visited beautiful places, churches and musea (it as a culture trip), but we did not get much time to walk around. May be there will be another opportunity to travel through this interesting country and meet more people.


For the first time I made a video, which was not that easy for me. There was hardly time to walk around at my own, since the program was very well filled up. Still I managed to produce someting. The movie is called "Bootreis Rusland Moskou - Perm", which means "Boat trip Russia from Moscow to Perm". There is music and audio, but no (Dutch) spoken word. 

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