Portrait of Eric de Jong

I am a hobbyist photographer with professional aspirations.

I took my first pictures when I was eight years old. Of course my first camera was quite simple with black & white films. An uncle taught me how to develop films and to print my photos. Although I did not so much like the chemicals, I liked to see the image of the photo appear during the development process. It was magic to me! Ever since that time I have been a hobbyist photographer. 

Later, when I started to travel, I developed a preference for travel photography. Most of all I like taking photos of people. During the short moment of meeting someone and taking a picture, there is some contact between that person (subject) and myself. Without this short but intensive moment of contact, there is no good result. Because I want the photo to reflect that there was a relation between the "subject" and myself.

Later, I added studio photography to my portfolio. I like taking portraits and photographing (male) models. In the studio the contact and confidence between the model and myself is even more important than during my travel photography.

Although I am a hobbyist photographer, I try to work as professionally as possible. The great advantage of being a hobbyist photographer is that I can select my own subjects.

Recently I started to make so called timelapses. This is basically a sequence of images with a specific interval (mostly a few seconds) that are transferred into a short video.

I hope you will enjoy the results.

You are always welcome to write your comments or ask your questions.


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  1. Hi Eric,

    Beautiful pictures of male nude. Van you make a nude portrait of me as well?

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